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Stone Sheep Hunts
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Hunting Stone Sheep in BC


Due to extensive predator management and the great winter range, Stone and Folding Mountain Outfitters have a long time reputation of being one of the best areas to hunt for Stone sheep.

Our area’s boundaries start from the height of land of the Rocky Mountains and take up the Eastern slope from the drainages of the Chisca, Tetsa, Snake, Macdonald, Wokpash, Racing, Toad and Sulphur rivers. Because the areas start at the highest point along the Rocky’s, and run out to the foothills both areas hold both the summer and winter ranges for the sheep in our areas. Although they move around and aren’t always where you think, they are always here and don’t migrate out or leave regardless of the weather or time of year.

Because both areas lie on the Eastern slope of the Rockies, winters are easier, and a long history of burning has kept a lot of the South facing slopes grassy. Generally, on the flats we won’t exceed 18” of snow and most of the South facing slopes are bare for most of the winter. Combining both areas has allowed us to offer the largest quota for Stone sheep in British Colombia.   

The amazing winter habitat and a full time winter crew working on wolf and wolverine reduction has allowed us to provide one of the most successful Stone Sheep hunts available. You can’t hunt what got killed over winter!  We target rams that are 8.5 or older on our hunts and will pass up rams younger than this minimum regardless of the size of the sheep. The guides are experienced sheep hunters, and some of the most passionate hunters you will ever meet. The success of your hunt means as much to them and us as it does to you! We work on your hunt all year long with the predator program and you will see the difference in a Sheep hunt with us! Contact us directly for detailed information on our Sheep hunting opportunities.

Available to book as single or combination hunts.

Hunt Dates: August 1 – October 15

We have many stone sheep photos from years of successful hunts.  Please email us if you are interested in seeing some more photos.