Mountain Goat Hunts in BC


Mountain Goat Hunts in BC
BC Goat Hunting
BC Mountain Goat Hunts

Hunting Goats in BC

There is an abundance of mountain goats in the area. An average goat is usually between 8-9.5″ with goats over 10 inches harvested every year. We only take billies and have had great success with rifle and bow.

Due to our far north location, the goat’s winter hair comes in relatively early, providing a beautiful full-body mount. We use horses as much as we can to access areas and find goats, then go up on foot after them. We do this hunt based out of cabins, or spike tents. Often, but not always, it is necessary to spike out after goats, climbing into valleys that hold a good population to get you closer for the next day so it’s not such a big climb all in one day.

We have a lot of goats and hunters can usually expect to see goats every day. For those that enjoy backpacking we have some great options available as well.

Available to book as single or combination hunts.

Hunt Dates: August 25 – October 15