Mountain Caribou Hunt


BC Mountain Caribou Hunts
BC Mountain Caribou Hunts
Caribou Hunts

Hunting Mountain Caribou in BC

Our Caribou hunts are usually in combination with moose, goat and elk and are 10-14 days long. They prefer high alpine lichen so often they are found on high ridges or in high alpine bowls. We do have some good pockets of bulls that are near some of our mixed bag camps and by keeping a relatively small amount of pressure on them we have had really good success.

Caribou are sporadic and unpredictable, keep this in mind when you see a good bull, often they will be somewhere else tomorrow. If you would like to take a caribou, take them when you see them, they are not an animal that you can return for the next day.

The caribou herd up here has responded strongly to the predator trapping and has been getting better year over year. Our Mountain Caribou are not migratory and are always in the area.

Available to book as single or combination hunts.

Hunt Dates: August 20 – September 31