Stone Sheep Hunts

One of the very best Stone sheep hunts available

Canadian Moose Hunts

Impressive Yukon sized bulls

BC Mountain Goat Hunts

There is an abundance of goats in our area.

Hunting Mountain Caribou

Usually a combination hunt with moose, goat and elk.

Most Hunts are Horseback

Our guide area features both summer and winter ranges for game species.

Stone Sheep Hunts

Specializing in Stone Sheep Hunts and Horseback Hunting

Specializing in Stone Sheep Hunts & Horseback Hunting

As well as Combo Hunts for Rocky Mountain Elk, Canadian Moose, Mountain Caribou, Mountain Goat, Black Bear, Lynx, Wolf and Winter Trapline Adventures.

Stone Sheep Hunts

Mountain Goat Hunts

Mountain Elk Hunts

Caribou Hunts

Canadian Moose

Black Bear Hunts

Winter Lynx Hunts

Winter Wolf/Trapline

Stone & Folding Mountain Outfitters

Stone & Folding Mountain Outfitters (formerly Stone Mountain Safaris and Folding Mountain Outfitters) have been successful guide areas for over 45 years. Both of our hunting areas in Northern British Columbia offer some of the best big game range and hunting in North America. We have been extensively involved with predator management and range burning to enhance our wildlife populations.

We offer first class Stone Sheep hunting, as well as other premier North American species. Species include: Moose, Mountain Goat, Rocky Mountain Elk, Mountain Caribou, BC Lynx Hunt, Black Bear, and Winter Wolf.