Stone Mountain Safaris
Stone Mountain Safaris

About Stone Mountain Safaris Ltd.

It is not just a coincidence, nor a matter of luck, when a client takes a trophy with us. Our reputation is a result of proper game management in a quality hunting area, along with the expertise of knowledgeable trained guides.


Big Stone Sheep HuntsThe proud owners of Stone Mountain Safaris are Leif Olsen and Larry Olson.

Leif and Larry have been friends for many years and in the spring 2005 decided to purchase Stone Mountain Safaris. Stone Mountain Safaris Ltd has been operating for over 32 years in Northern BC, in a 5,000 square mile guide area with it's lodge on a 500 acre ranch, set in the scenic Toad River Valley. Leif and his wife Kellie reside here with their daughter Madison and young son Bryce.

You can phone Leif at: 250-232-5469 or email at:

Larry and his wife Betty reside in St. Helens Oregon. Larry is involved in timber, real estate, and ranches.

We pledge to provide a quality experience for you on every hunt. We want to satisfy you to the best of our ability, but also expect you to realize that rigorous preparation for the hunt, as far as shooting ability and physical condition can add to the success and enjoyment of your hunting experience.

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