Stone Mountain Safaris
Stone Mountain Safaris

Welcome to Stone Mountain Safaris Ltd.

Quality horseback hunting for Stone Sheep, Rocky Mountain Elk,
Canadian Moose, Mountain Caribou, Mountain Goat, Mountain Grizzly, Black Bear and Wolf. We specialize in Stone Sheep Hunts.

Stone Mountain Safaris Ltd has been operating our exclusive guide area for over thirty-five years. Our 5,000 square mile guide area in Northern British Columbia offers some of the best big game range and hunting in North America. We have been extensively involved with predator management and range burning to enhance our wildlife populations.

It is not just a coincidence or a matter of luck when a client takes a trophy with us. Our reputation is a result of proper game management in a quality hunting area, along with the expertise of knowledgeable trained guides. We offer first class Stone Sheep hunting, as well as other premier North American species. Species include: Moose, Rocky Mountain Goat, Elk, Caribou, Grizzly Bear, Lynx, Black Bear, and Wolf.

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